School start and enrolment

Autumn term begins 13 August 2024.

Registration for 1st grade

Via the preschool, each preschool child’s parent or guardian receives a letter with a key code and instructions to the Wilma web service before enrolment. If the parent / guardian has not received a Wilma key code, no later than Week 7, we ask you to contact the local school principal.

Create Wilma account

In Wilma, the children have been assigned a local school according to the residential address stated in the population register. Parents / guardians can, if they wish, apply for a change of local school on the form: the request for the right to go to a school in another student admission area.

Questions about registration, transportation, possible postponement of school start, earlier school start, etc. are answered by the school principal.

Morning and / or afternoon activities are arranged as follows:

Organised by the municipality:

Replot eftis (Replot-Björkö)

Vallgrund eftis (Vallgrund)

Organised by Folkhälsan:

Karperö eftis (Norra Korsholm)

Nannygården i Smedsby (Smedsby-Böle)

Kvevlax eftis (Kvevlax lärcenter)

Solf eftis (Solf)

Tölby eftis (Tölby)

Registration to Folkhälsan’s eftis facilities is made via this link.

The parents’ association for the freetime workshop in Smedsby “Fritis” (Smedsby-Böle school):

Registration forms are available at the preschool and eftis.

Veikars parent association Veikids:

Registration forms are available at the preschool and eftis.