Request for an exemption from a public wastewater sewer network

A property that is within an area for a public wastewater sewer network can apply to the West Coast Environmental Unit for an exemption from the obligation to connect to a public sewer network in accordance with section 11 of the Water Services Act (119/2001). The criteria for an exemption from the obligation to join are according to section 11:

  1. connecting to the network would cause an unreasonable burden to the owner or occupier of the property, taking into account the costs arising from constructing the water service equipment of the property, costs arising from the connection, minimal need for water services or another similar special reason; and
  2. exemption does not compromise the economical and appropriate management of water services in the area of operation of the water utility. 

The form “Request for an exemption from connection to a public wastewater sewer network” (in Swedish) is submitted together with a situation plan and any other investigations that may affect the environmental department’s decision in the case.