Business parks and business plots

The municipality of Korsholm (Mustasaari) has vacant business plots at the Fågelberget and Replot (Lintuvuori and Raippaluoto) business parks. The vacant plots are located in detailed planned areas. The municipal engineering at plots at Fågleberget has already been built, while some of the municipal engineering may be lacking at Replot.

Plot reservation decisions can be made immediately after an application has been submitted. The reservation is valid for one year, within which time a building permit application must be submitted. After the building permit application has been submitted, the plot can be leased.

Via the Vaasa region’s premises and plots website, there is also a large selection of business plots in the region to choose from: the Vaasa region’s premises and plots website.

General information about the region and entrepreneurship can be found via the following link: The Vaasa region in numbers.

New plots

New plots that could not previously be applied for are always distributed via a general plot application.

Fågelberget 2017–2018
Photo: Rurik Ahlberg

Our business parks

Kvevlax business park
Replot business park
Smedsby business park
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