Immigration and integration

Integration is about everyone’s equal rights, obligations and opportunities, regardless of ethnic and cultural background, and about living together with respect for each other’s differences. It is about providing opportunities for newly-arrived immigrants to find work and enter the society.

The municipality of Korsholm (Mustasaari) has an integration programme stating that the municipality should

  • meet the needs of immigrants in an equal way, regardless of a person’s ethnic background.
  • promote the integration of immigrants in Korsholm in a flexible way so that they become involved in society
  • encourage immigrants to actively take part in the municipality’s range of cultural, youth and sports services

Immigrants, like other municipal residents, can turn to the Info Point located in the municipal office building. At the Info Point, you will receive general information about the municipality and its services, and from there you are, if necessary, referred to the appropriate authority for each case. In Kulturhuset (House of Culture) there is the municipality’s Welcome Office counselling service point, which offers services for all immigrants regardless of the reason for immigration. The municipality’s integration unit is located in the municipal office building and provides support and guidance to refugees who have been granted a place of residence in Korsholm.

Welcome Office