Suspected food poisoning

Food poisoning refers to an infection or poisoning obtained through the consumption of food or domestic water. Food poisoning is most often caused by microbes (bacteria or viruses) or toxins produced by microbes. A person suffering from food poisoning may experience symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you as a customer suspect that you have been food poisoned at a restaurant or something similar within the West Coast Environmental Unit region, you must notify the environmental department at miljoenheten(at) or contact environmental health inspectors at the department.

If your food company receives a report of a suspected food poisoning from a customer, you as a food entrepreneur should contact the health protection authority miljoenheten(at) or contact environmental health inspectors at the department. The sooner you report a suspected case of  food poisoning, the sooner the suspicion can be investigated.

When you contact us, we would like to know:     

  • What food you suspect may have caused the food poisoning? What else have you eaten during the day/the last few days?
  • Where was the suspect food served/purchased?
  • When was the suspect food served/purchased?
  • Is drinking water suspected to be the cause?
  • How soon did the symptoms occur after swallowing?
  • What symptoms occurred?
  • How long did the symptoms last?
  • Did anyone else eat the food? Did anyone else get sick?
  • Has anyone in your immediate circle had stomach problems or similar symptoms recently?
  • Have you been abroad in the last month?
  • Has a doctor been contacted? Have you contacted the healthcare service? Did the healthcare service take samples?