Exemptions from the wastewater treatment requirements for coastal areas and groundwater areas

The environmental authority can grant a permit to deviate from the sewage wastewater requirements and a permit can be granted for a maximum of five years at a time. The possibility to apply for an exemption applies to properties that are located 100 metres from a watercourse or from the sea or in a groundwater area that is used or suitable for a water supply. The property’s current sewer system must also be built or have a building permit granted before 2004.
Exemptions from the wastewater treatment requirements are obtained automatically for: 

  • Property owners who were born before 9 March1943. (Does not apply to holiday homes)
  • Properties where only insignificant amounts of wastewater are generated. If carried water and a dry toilet are used on the property, the amounts of wastewater are counted as insignificant.

With an application, the following may be granted an exemption from the wastewater treatment requirements: 

  • Property owners who incur unreasonable costs for repairing the sewer system. The unreasonableness can be due, for example, to the high age of the property owners or difficult life circumstances.
  • Properties where only small amounts of wastewater occur.
  • Properties that will soon have municipal sewers.

The environmental authority may grant an exemption for a maximum of five years at a time.