Korsholm with its about 20 000 inhabitants is an attractive area of inmigration offering one of the coziest environments both with housing and leisure time. The municipal village of Solf has been selected one of the best residential areas in Finland, and Hankmo and the villages on the river were selected village-of-the-year in Ostrobothnia.

Korsholm has it all – the archipelago, the land and the sea, densely populated areas and villages. The industry is flourishing and the fields are fertile. Thanks to the vast area of archipelago the region has a coastline of 1 600 km.

In the archipelago you can hike along the well-marked trails, paddle, go sailing or cruising, fishing, swimming or just enjoy the cottage life. Ruggedly beautiful nature, old village milieus, fishing ports and the different forms of beach landscapes offer authentic experiences.

Gate to the World Heritage Area

Majority of the Korsholm archipelago is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and 70 % of the World Heritage is located in Korsholm.

Replot and Björköby are the largest islands of the archipelago and Replot bridge – the longest bridge in Finland, leads there. Completed in 1997, the bridge is over a kilometer long, 1 045 meters. Spectacular pylons rise as high as 82 meters, and the height for the free water transport is 26 meters.

Svedjehamn, located in Björköby, works as a gateway to the World Heritage area. Further along the Kvarken you will find many interesting islands such as Norrskär, Ritgrund, Märaskär and Valsörarna. Many guided cruises are arranged to various destinations of the archipelago, both on request and according to set timetables.

A Glimpse of the Past

The meteorite crater of Söderfjärden was born 520 million years ago. A large circular plateau is one of the most important geological attractions of our country. Its history is presented in Meteoria, built in the center of the impact crater.

Söderfjärden is also an important resting place for bigger migratory birds. In autumn, thousands of cranes and swans descend there to rest.

Seafood and Pastries

In summer the coast and the islands are dotted with many nice restaurants, cafes and summer terraces visited both by random guests as well as holidaymakers. A steaming salmon or whitefish soup is a classic that can be found in most lists! Keep an eye on the supply of the local fishermen. Fresh, newly smoked perch and herring, the so-called böckling, are an irresistible delicacy.