Plots for semi-detached, terraced and apartment buildings

Korsholm Municipality offers plots for semi-detached, terraced and apartment buildings on a leasehold basis in local detailed plan areas or in areas around the municipality covered by land use plans.

The municipal engineering at plots in local detailed plan areas has already been built, while it may be lacking at plots in areas with land use plans.

Applications to reserve vacant plots can be made with this form:

Application for a terraced and semi-detached house plot (in Swedish)

Application for a terraced and semi-detached house plot (in Finnish)

The plots are reserved through the decision of the Public Works Committee. The reservation period is 12 months, during which time the building permit application must be submitted to the building inspectorate. When the building permit application has been submitted, a lease agreement is concluded. For a reserved plot, a reservation fee of 50% of the annual ground rent is charged.

New plots that have not been allocated before are announced on the website of the municipality and in the local newspapers.

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to or sent by post in a sealed envelope to the Korsholm Municipality planning department, Centrumvägen 4, 65610 Korsholm.

A person leasing a plot of land from the municipality undertakes to start construction of a building within three years from signing the lease agreement.

The municipality has not arranged for soil surveys to be carried out on the plots. A soil survey is paid for by the person who reserved the plot and may be carried out when the plot reservation agreement has been signed and the reservation fee has been paid.

Additional information about plots and the reservation process is provided by Tony Östersund. Additional information on construction is provided by the building inspectorate (in Swedish and Finnish).