Environmental protection supervision plan and tariffs

According to the Environmental Protection Act 527/2014, the municipal environmental protection authority must draw up an inspection plan for regular inspections. The inspection plan contains information on the region’s environmental conditions, on activities that entail a risk of pollution and on available resources and methods for inspection. There is also a description of the grounds for arranging the supervision and the risk assessment, as well as a description of the co-operation between the authorities responsible for supervision. The primary purpose of the supervision plan is to arrange the supervision of permit obligations and registered activities so that the supervision is regular and effective.

On the basis of the inspection plan, the municipal environmental protection authority shall prepare an inspection programme, which applies to periodic inspections and other regular inspections of activities that require a permit obligation and registration obligation. The supervision programme is updated annually.
The West Coast Environmental Unit has an inspection plan for environmental protection, which was approved on 26 January 2022, section 9.

Environmental protection supervision plan 2020–2025 (in Swedish)

Supervision programme for environmental protection, 2022 (in Swedish)

The Environmental Protection Act stipulates that the environmental protection authority may charge fees for processing permits and notifications. In addition, fees are charged for the regular supervision of activities subject to a permit and registered activities in accordance with the supervision plan. Inspections required for the supervision of a ban or suspension of activities may also be subject to a fee.

The West Coast Supervisory Board approved the environmental protection tariff for the West Coast Environmental Department on 15 December 2021, section 63.

Environmental protection tariffs (in Swedish)

Within the West Coast Environmental Unit, the West Coast Supervisory Board’s environmental section deals with land acquisition permits. When considering the conditions for the granting of a permit, consideration is taken of how ground cover, for example, affects the landscape and groundwater. Treatment of land acquisition permits and the supervision of these is subject to a fee.

The West Coast Supervisory Board has approved the land acquisition tariff for the West Coast Environmental Unit on 15 December 2021, section 64.

Land acquisition tariffs (in Swedish)