Invoicing and connection fees

Water invoices are sent 4 times a year and fall due in March, June, September and December.

The invoices consist of a basic fee and a water and wastewater fee. The same amount of wastewater is billed as clean water.

Invoices for materials and labour costs are sent when the work is completed.

You can choose to receive the water invoice as an e-invoice. We will then not send a paper invoice. If you want the water invoice as an e-invoice, you can enter into an e-invoice agreement with Korsholm municipality through your online bank. Corporate customers wanting an e-invoice agreement can inform about  their contact details to or to the Water Utility Service at e-mail

Unpaid invoices are handled by external debt collection agencies and the fees that this entails are paid by the customer.

Connection fees

Fees are calculated according to the Water Utility Service’s calculation base and point pricing according to the price list.

The connection fee is determined according to the property’s intended use, size, water consumption and service.

A water connection for a residential building that has a maximum of 250 m² of floor space and an apartment costs € 1,950.00 and a sewer connection € 4,200.00. A connection made after 1 April 2004 is transferable and refundable, and thus VAT-free.

Contact us for more information on current connection fees and connection conditions.

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