Environmental protection

The West Coast Environmental Unit decides on permits and notifications which, according to the law, are decided by the municipality’s environmental protection authority for the municipalities of Korsholm, Kristinestad, Kaskö, Närpes and Korsnäs (Mustasaari, Kristiinankaupunki, Kaskinen, Närpiö and Korsnäs). Other municipalities within the West Coast Environmental Department region, Malax municipality (in Swedish) and Vörå municipality (in Swedish), do not participate in the cooperation for environmental protection.

Environmental protection points are located in Korsholm, Kristinestad and Närpes (Mustasaari, Kristiinankaupunki and Närpiö).

The main task of environmental protection concerns government tasks that are based on the permit and monitoring system relating to environmental protection. The environmental department can be contacted, for example, in cases concerning the application for permits relating to the environment, various forms of environmental damage or accidents, illegal dumping sites, littering, inconveniences due to noise or outdoor dust, the storage of manure or exemptions from connection to public sewer networks.