The purpose of food control and monitoring is to ensure food safety so that the consumer is protected against health risks and financial losses caused by foodstuff. Control and monitoring is risk-based and carried out in accordance with an approved inspection plan. The inspection result is published through the Oiva system.
Control and monitoring covers primary production, manufacturing, transport, storage, sales, marketing, serving, or other transfer as well as the export and import of food produce.

Food inspection is mainly governed by the regulations of the European Parliament and the Council on Food and Food Production and the Finnish Food Act (297/2021)  (in Swedish and Finnish) as well as statutes issued based on it.

Food business operators are responsible for handling food in their own company and are obliged to be aware of the hygiene risks and regulations associated with the activities conducted. Through the own-check function, the food industry operator must monitor the quality of the products and ensure that the constructions and functions in the company follow the given rules and regulations.  A business owner is also responsible for ensuring that the information provided about the food is correct and complies with the regulations.

The supervisory authority’s task is to monitor the companies’ own-checks and, if necessary, provide advice and guidance in the implementation of the own-check function. Consumers can contribute to improving the quality of food by being alert and notifying the Finnish Food Authority if deficiencies are observed.

Contact the environmental health inspector responsible for food inspection if you intend to do the following:

• open a new food establishment
• take over an existing food establishment
• temporarily sell or serve food at gatherings, markets, or events
• have questions about the own-check function or food handling
• suspect that you have food poisoning
• want to make a complaint about food

The Finnish Food Authority has given more detailed instructions on how to set up a food business and how to set up a café, restaurant, and catering business.

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