Fees in early childhood education

Client fees in early childhood education from 1 August 2021

The maximum fee for the family’s youngest child in full-time care is 295 € per month and the fee for the following child in age order from the youngest is a maximum of 118 € (40%) per month. The fee for other children is 20% of the fee set for the youngest child in the family.

If the fee is less than 28 € per month, no fee will be charged.

The size of the family includes persons living in a joint household in a marriage or a marriage-like relationship, as well as all minor children living in the same household. Income includes taxable income on labour and capital gains as well as tax-free income. Salary income is increased by a holiday allowance of 5%. If the family does not declare their income, the highest fee will be charged. If the family consists of more than six people, the income limit on which the fee is based is increased by 262 € for each subsequent child under the age of 18 in the family.

Notification of any changes in family relationships (e.g. number of family members, separation, change of address) must be sent to the secretary for early childhood education and preschool.

Income details are sent to:

Secretary for Early Childhood Education and Preschool, Lotta Back, lotta.back@korsholm.fi, tel. 06 327 7250

Secretary for Early Childhood Education and Preschool, Cecilia Hietamäki, cecilia.hietamaki@korsholm.fi, tel. 06 327 7204

It is preferable that all household income details are submitted at the same time by post or e-mail.

Family size, personsMinimum fee/gross income limit €/monthFee percentageMaximum fee/gross income limit €/month
23 874 €10,7 %6 626 €  
34 998 €10,7 %7 750 €
44 099 €10,7 %
8 427 €
54  588 €10,7 %9 105 €
65 675 €10,7 %9 780 €

The client fee in a family of three with a gross income of 5,600 euros per month is 64 euros ((5 600 – 4 998 = 602 x 10,7 % = 64 euros).

The following fee systems are available within the municipality:

Max 60 hrs/monthCorresponding to 1–14 hrs/week50 % of full-time fee148 €
61–86 hrs/monthCorresponding to 15–20 hrs/week60 % of full-time fee177 €
87–115 hrs/monthCorresponding to 21–27 hrs/week70 % of full-time fee207 €
116–149 hrs/monthCorresponding to 28–34 hrs/week80 % of full-time fee236 €
150 hrs/monthCorresponding to 35 hrs/week100 % of full-time fee295 €

1. Preschool children (4 hours / day)

Client fee in addition to preschool education

Preschool education according to the Basic Education Act is free of charge.

In preschool education, the same operating hours are applied as in basic education, with the exception that preschool education ends no later than 31 May.

2. Reduction or waiver of fees

The client fee can be waived or reduced, if there are reasons for this, when considering a child support obligation, financial difficulties or considerations related to the child’s care.

If a family does not declare their income, the highest fee will be charged. If income assessments are submitted after invoicing, the difference between the highest fee and the fee determined according to the income assessment will not be refunded.

3. Fee for rehabilitative early childhood education

Subsidised or completely free places in early childhood education are granted to severely disabled children, according to the Act on Special Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities, if early childhood education is recorded as a rehabilitative activity in the special care plan or an associated individual plan (IP). If the early childhood education is entirely rehabilitative and the family would not otherwise use their right to a place in early childhood education and a separate decision on special care has been made, no client fee will be charged.

The guardian must submit a copy of the special care plan or an associated individual plan to the arranger of early childhood education.

A waiver or reduction of the client fee is granted from the beginning of the following month after the application has been submitted.

4. The effect of absences on fees

  • The client fee is only collected for 11 calendar months during a financial year.
  • Early childhood education is centralised during the holidays.
  • If a child’s early childhood education begins or ends in the middle of a calendar month, a lower monthly fee is determined according to the number of hours (applies to new children).
  • If the child is away from early childhood education for at least 11 working days (consecutive) during a calendar month due to illness, half of the monthly fee is collected as a fee. Absence due to illness that lasts the entire calendar month is not charged.
  • If a child is away from early childhood education for the entire calendar month for another reason, half of the monthly fee is collected.
  • The place for early childhood education can be transferred, but the interruption must be a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 1 year so that the fee is not charged. The transfer cannot be made retroactively.
  • During the summer months of June, July and August, a free break in the care relationship can be held. The break must be a minimum of 2 full calendar months, 1 June – the start of school or a maximum of 3 full calendar months. The place in early childhood education is not terminated. The agreement cannot be entered into retroactively. Preschool children have the right to participate in preschool despite the break in August. For a free break, the summer holiday request made in the Päikky electronic registration system must be answered within the set time.

5. Agreement validity and termination of a place in early childhood education

An agreement on early childhood education is valid until further notice.

Every child in municipal early childhood education in Korsholm (Mustasaari) has received a permanent place in early childhood education until the start of school.

The recommended notice period for an agreement is 30 days. The termination is made in writing. A place at a preschool does not need to be cancelled.