Provided services

At the library, you can, for example, borrow books in many different languages, read magazines, use the internet, and participate in different events. The library is free, and open for everyone. The library of Korsholm consists of the main library in Smedsby (Sepänkylä), branch libraries in Kvevlax (Koivulahti), Solf (Sulva), Replot (Raippaluoto), and Björköby, and the library bus. The library bus stops at 60 different places in the municipality.

Library card

To borrow library material, you will need a library card. The same library card works in all of the libraries in Korsholm, and in the library bus. The first library card is free of charge. The library card is for personal use only, and you are responsible for all library material borrowed with your card. The library card should be shown at the loan desk when you want to borrow library material. In the main library, Kvevlax library, and Replot library, you can also borrow material using a self-service machine. To use some of our services, you will need a PIN-code in addition to the library card. You can get a PIN-code from the library staff. You can find more information about the loan conditions in our terms of use, which you can get from the library.

Loan period

The loan period is 28 days for books, and 14 days for magazines, movies, music, and sporting equipment. If you do not return your loans on time, you must pay a fine. If no one else has reserved your borrowed material, you can renew it. You can do this in the web library, or by contacting the library. You can return your borrowed material to any of the libraries in Korsholm, or to the library bus. If the library is closed, you can return the material in the return hatch, which is located at the entrance.


The library has many different types of material that you can borrow with your library card:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Books that are easy to read and books with larger font
  • E-materials
  • Audiobooks on CD/MP3, music on CD, movies on DVD
  • Sporting equipment and games

The library staff can help you find material. If the material you are looking for is currently borrowed, you can reserve it. Reservations can be made in the web library, or by contacting the library. You will then get an email or a text message when you can pick up the material. If the library of Korsholm does not own the material you are looking for, you can get it through an interlibrary loan. This means that we borrow the material from another library in Finland or abroad. For this, you have to pay a fee. You can also give suggestions on material that you would like us to buy to the library. Suggestions can be made at, or given directly to the library staff.

Web library

The library of Korsholm belongs to the Fredrika-libraries together with the libraries of ten other Ostrobothnian municipalities. You can find the web library of the Fredrika-libraries at the address In the web library, you can search our library catalog, renew your loans, or reserve material. You can also find information about our upcoming events. When you search the library catalog, you will by default see material that exists in all of the Fredrika-libraries. By choosing Korsholm as library in the Narrow search-menu, you will only see material that exists in the library units in Korsholm. You can also make other restrictions. To reserve material, or to renew your loans, you have to log in to the web library with your library card number and PIN-code.


E-services are services that you can use on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. With our e-services, you can read books and magazines, listen to audio books, and watch movies. You can find more information about our e-services in a different pamphlet, or under the E-material-menu on top of the page at


If you are not able to read printed books because of e.g. a disease or visual impairment, you might have the right to listen to talking books through Celia’s services. Ask the library staff for more information.

Books to go

People who live in Korsholm and are prevented from coming to the library or the library bus because of, for example, old age, longterm disease, or disability, can use our Books to go-service. This means that the library staff gathers a book bag for you on a regular basis. The bag can be picked up from the library by a relative or a friend. If this is not possible, the transportation of the books will be organized in another way. The service is free of charge.

The seed library

In the seed library you can find seeds from vegetables and flowers. In spring, you can borrow seeds, and in the fall, you can donate new seeds to the library. The seed library is located at the main library.

Computers and internet

There is wifi in all of our libraries. At the main library, Kvevlax library and Solf library, we have computers where you can use the internet. It is possible to copy or print a small number of documents for a fee.

Self-service libraries

Kvevlax library and Replot library are so called self-service libraries. This means that you can use the library outside of the official opening hours. You get access to the library with your personal library card, and PIN-code. You must be at least 15 years old and need to sign an agreement to get access to this service.

Book circles and events

We have three different book circles, who are meeting on a regular basis to discuss books. The book circles are English book club, Läs och tyck (in Swedish) and Kirjakerho (in Finnish). The book circles meet at the main library and are open to everyone. The library also organizes events, for example author visits, and storytimes for children. You can find information about our upcoming events at, and on our social media.

Social media

The library is on both Facebook and Instagram. In our social media, we post book recommendations, and information on current events. We also have the Facebook-group Korsholm läser – Mustasaari lukee, where anyone can post book recommendations.